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  • How can I stay up to date on what R.O.O.T.S. offers/ How can I contact R.O.O.T.S.?
    LIKE and FOLLOW us on Facebook to stay updated on all that our program has to offer! Facebook: “ROOTS Youth Development Program” (search @roots302) Instagram: Email: (it may go to SPAM- please allow emails from this address) Call or text us at (302) 200-3936
  • Where are you located?
    We are located in Georgetown, Delaware, on Peterkins rd. Our program will be held on our 3-acre homestead. There are offsite events taking place, please see our other programs for more information.
  • Do you need volunteers?
    YES! We are always looking for volunteers to help better our program. Volunteering is a great way for adults to learn about these topics too! If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities, direct message us on Facebook, Send us an email at:
  • Are you a licensed Business?
    Yes we are licensed AND insured in the State of Delaware as R.O.O.T.S. Youth Development Program LLC.
  • How do I sign up for Spring Session, Spring Break Camp, or Summer Camps?
    Spring Session Spring Break Camp Summer Camp
  • What age is this program for?
    Our program currently offers workshops for three age brackets: Explorers: 1 and 2 years old Pathfinders: 3-6 years old Pioneers: 7-12 years old
  • What times/days are classes/workshops offered?
    Mondays: 3:00pm- 4:00pm 4:30pm-5:30pm Keep an eye on our website for future announcements!
  • What topics are covered in the workshops?
    With each season of the year comes a new opportunity to learn! Children will have hands-on opportunities to learn about: Animal rearing Handmade gifts Gardening Soap/candle making Composting Cooking/Baking Canning produce Making jams Healthy communication skills/ conflict resolution Problem-solving Permaculture Ecosystems Handmade items using Natural items Weather; how it affects the farming Birds Sewing Foraging Medicinal Plants/herbs Egg Incubation ....and MUCH more!
  • If I submit an application will I automatically be enrolled?
    While we are up to date on how many spots are left, sometimes we might miss something. If you submit a registration form, we will review to make sure we have adequate spaces. A wait list is currently being utilized and we're working diligently to get every child into our programs!
  • Can I stay with my child for the workshop?
    Parents of children in the 1-2 year old class are encouraged to stay and participate! ​ Parents of children 3 and up are not permitted to participate in the workshops. We want to provide a learning environment with the least distractions, and also do not have adequate space in our schoolhouse to accommodate parents. We will send children home with handouts/information on what they are learning so that you can engage with your child! ​ **Parents are welcome to stay on the property during workshops, either in their vehicles or in a designated outdoor waiting area, weather depending**
  • How is this program handling COVID-19?
    As ROOTS is a registered business in the state of Delaware, we are required to follow the mask mandate guidelines. When there is no mask mandate, masks will be left up to parental discretion for both indoor and outdoor activities. Most of our lessons will take place outside, but we will be doing projects indoors (and in the instance of inclement weather). We practice handwashing and sanitize shared supplies.
  • Do you accept children that are NOT potty-trained?
    YES! If your child is not potty trained: Please ensure you take your child to use the restroom before class starts, at time of arrival; and ensure your child has a dry diaper before the start of the workshop. Please provide a change of clothes, 2 diapers, wipes, and a diaper changing pad. Please sign the Diaper Changing and Toileting Assist Consent form.
  • What does my child need to bring to each workshop?
    Please have your child wear closed toed shoes and weather appropriate clothing to be outside. If your child is not potty trained: Please ensure you take your child to use the restroom before class starts, at time of arrival; and ensure your child has a dry diaper before the start of the workshop. Please provide a change of clothes, 2 diapers, wipes, and a diaper changing pad. Please sign the Diaper Changing and Toileting Assist Consent form. ​​ **Please ensure your child’s name is written on their pencil case, in tags of jackets, gloves, or any other items they will be bringing.**
  • How often would my child attend a workshop?
    Workshops are once a week; one hour long. ROOTS will run 12-week sessions (Seasonally). Registration is for the FULL session.
  • What if the weather is bad?
    Classes will be held rain or shine! In the event of state-of-emergency status weather (in which we would not be meeting) no refunds will be issued.
  • How long is each workshop?
    Each workshop will run for approximately a hour; If we need to extend this time for a special lesson, we will communicate this well in advance.
  • How is Grounded ROOTS Yoga different than other programs in our area?
    We integrate social-emotional learning discussions, lessons and activities. The social-emotional learning that takes place during our classes are either written by us, from a SEL certified curriculum, and/or a combo of both. They may include book readings, hands on activities, role playing, games, discussions, etc. We. are. more. than. yoga. We are an Enrichment Program!
  • Does Grounded ROOTS Yoga teach anything spiritual or religious in the classes?
    Our programs do NOT teach on any spirituality. We focus on teaching tools for mindfulness, calming, and self-awareness through mindful movement.
  • Why choose Grounded ROOTS Yoga?
    Grounded ROOTS Yoga is run by Certified Children's Yoga instructors that strongly believe in continuing education to provide their community with the best of practices. Owner & Founder is currently enrolled in an intense 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Training, Social-Emotional Learning Specialization Course, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification Class.
  • What would my child and I get out of joining upROOTed?
    You would become a huge part of a like-minded community that has a main goal of raising well-rounded children together! We would all be a part of building up our community around us and show our children what it's like to be altruistic by helping others. You will join a community that builds each other up, shows up, and supports each other.
  • Will all meetups accept all ages?
    We will always strive to be all inclusive with all ages at different field trips and community service experiences. We appreciate flexibility when it comes to certain businesses that may have their own restrictions. However, we will strive to find experiences that are all inclusive with ages.
  • What are some examples of places you may visit?
    Parks, nursing homes, nature centers, non-profits, Home of the Brave, homesteads, zoos, Lavender Fields, local farms, local greenhouses, beaches, orchards, hikes, and other small businesses/places!
  • How do I register to attend the weekly meetup?
    Please register ahead of time in this Facebook group when we put out a registration link, per meet-up. Please note that some field trips will require registration well in advance and others may not even require registration!
  • Will all meetings be on Tuesdays from 11a-12:30p?
    We will always strive to have meet ups at this time but would appreciate some flexibility to allow for additional experiences; to not limit our experiences.
  • What is the fee to join?
    There will be a $50 per FAMILY annual fee to gain access to all community services opportunities & field trips. This will help to cover some costs and coordination associated with community service events. Field trips will be priced according to e/trip. We want to make sure UpROOTed is accessible to all so we will be striving for very low cost! We are aiming for most of our trips to be less than $10/child.
  • Do I need to attend each week?
    Please feel free to register as you can come; attendance is not mandatory.
  • Tell me more about your Five Pillar Summer Camps!
    See the details and registration here!
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