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Grounded ROOTS Offerings:

-Pop up Kid's Yoga workshops (ages vary)

-Weekly yoga/Social Emotional Learning sessions (ages 2-11yrs)

-Yoga Camps (Ages 5-10yrs)

-Yoga at your Birthday Party! (ages vary)

-Yoga at libraries, schools, learning centers, businesses

-Private group yoga (ie: moms groups, homeschool groups, etc)

-Private Sessions available

-Yoga in libraries, schools, learning centers & more!  

-Chair and Adult Yoga

-Yoga Retreats

Our Mission:

Grounded ROOTS Yoga aims to build a strong foundation for children by increasing self-awareness and self-confidence through breathing, movement, and social-emotional learning. Grounded ROOTS Yoga helps whole families; students to not only nurture their body, mind, and spirit, but to also live a full yogic lifestyle through providing authentic yoga experiences by consciously shaping our attitudes, habits, and general ways of bettering ourselves, our community, and our lives.


"Social Emotional Learning (SEL) refers to the development of self-awareness, self-control, self-regulation, social skills, and responsible decision making all of which are essential for school and life success."

Why Grounded ROOTS Yoga?


Grounded ROOTS Yoga is run by Certified Children's Yoga instructors that strongly believe in continuing education to provide their community with the best of practices. Owner & Founder has also completed an intense 200hr Power Yoga Teacher Training for adults, Social-Emotional Learning Specialization Course, and Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification Class.

How is Grounded ROOTS Yoga different than other traditional children's yoga?

We integrate social-emotional learning discussions, lessons and activities.


The social-emotional learning that takes place during our classes are either written by us, from a SEL certified curriculum, and/or a combo of both. They may include book readings, hands on activities, role playing, games, discussions, etc.


We. are. more. than. yoga. We are an Enrichment Program!  

Private and Semi-Private Sessions:

If you or your child would benefit from a private or semi-private session, please inquire for more information by filling out this request form. Private/Semi-private sessions may involve goals and specific areas to focus on, being student specific. Sessions are typically 30min long and based on availability. Please request more information by filling out our form below.

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