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Waitlist started

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🌞 Dive Into Summer Fun at Our Nature-Based Camp! 🌿

Hello Amazing ROOTS Families!

As the school year winds down, we're thrilled to roll out our exciting Summer Camp! This isn't just any camp—it's a vibrant, nine-week adventure filled with nature-based education and fun. Whether your child is a seasoned camper or new to our community, our camp is designed to ignite curiosity and foster a love for the great outdoors.

Why Choose Our Summer Camp?

  • Diverse Activities: From regenerative farming and homesteading to bushcraft and animal husbandry, every day is a new discovery. We also offer yoga, mindfulness, and art to nourish both body and mind.

  • Flexible Scheduling: You don’t have to commit to all nine weeks! Choose the weeks that work for you, and rest assured that your child will blend right in, anytime.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Spaces: Rain or shine, our camp provides the perfect setting for learning and fun, with comfortable indoor areas ready for inclement weather.

  • Community and Teamwork: Our camp emphasizes community building and teamwork through engaging activities that teach valuable social skills.

  • ACA Certification: We are proud to be an ACA (American Camp Association) Certified Summer Camp, ensuring high standards of safety and quality in all our programs.

  • Enriching Environments: Children have access to our playground, sensory gardens, animal socials, nature playscape area, and more, offering a stimulating and engaging outdoor experience.

New Adventures Await! Even if your child has joined us in the past, we have plenty of new activities and workshops lined up to keep them engaged and learning throughout the summer.

Special Referral Offer: Refer another family to our summer camp, and if they enroll after May 20th, you’ll receive $20 off your camp week! Spread the word and save!

Camp Open House - May 30, 4-6 PM Considering enrolling or just curious about what we offer? Join us at our Camp Open House! Take a tour, meet our team, and have your child experience a slice of camp life. Registration is required due to parking constraints. Secure your spot here: Camp Open House Registration

Don’t miss out on this summer of fun, learning, and adventure. Register now and ensure your child has a summer to remember!

Week 1:

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Week 2:

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Week 3:

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Week 4:

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Week 5:

Week 6:

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Week 7:

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Week 8:

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Week 9:

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