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HOMESCHOOL FAMILIES--Gardening series!!! LIMITED SPOTS!!!🌟🌿 🐥🍅
👩‍🌾 Calling All Young Homesteaders! Dive into the heart of sustainable living with a workshop made for homeschooling homesteaders, ages 5-12 for 12 full weeks! 🌈


*Small group opportunity!!**






*In the Garden

& more!

🌱 From Seed to Supper: Get your hands dirty and witness the magic of the ENTIRE GROWING PROCESS! 🌾➡️🍽️

💧 Conserve & Enrich: Learn how to save water, enrich soil, and embrace biodiversity with regenerative farming! 🔄

🤗 Grow, Learn, Eat: Join us on this enlightening journey to discover the roots of our food and how we can make a difference with every bite! 🥕🌻

🤝 Fosters Peer Connections: This workshop provides a unique opportunity for children to collaborate and learn alongside their peers, promoting teamwork and friendship through joint activities in the garden and homestead, enhancing social skills and community spirit. 🌱👫

🚜 Don’t Miss This Green Thumb Adventure! Connect with nature, learn about the food we eat, and transform your approach to homesteading and food. 🌍💚

Let's nurture our planet and our community! 🌟

Full family can join in on the fun to connect with like-minded friends!

Workshops offers a vital platform for community building, allowing families/friends to connect with nature and each other through shared learning experiences. By engaging in sustainable farming practices together, participants not only cultivate a deeper understanding of environmental stewardship but also sow the seeds of lasting relationships within their community. This hands-on approach to education fosters a nurturing environment for peer connections & bonding as children discover the joys and challenges of growing food, highlighting the importance of teamwork and mutual support.


Week 1: Gardening Intro and Tour

Week 2: Planning It All Out

Week 3: Getting Started with Seeds and Soil - Indoor Seed Starting

Week 4: Getting Our Hands Dirty Making Our Garden Bed

Week 5: Transplanting: Getting Our Plants Outside

Week 6: Seed Starting Outside and Companion Planting

Week 7: Capturing and Using Water in the Garden

Week 8: Bugs! Identifying Our Allies and Foes

Week 9: Attracting Our Pollinator Friends

Week 10: Succession Planting for MORE FOOD

Week 11: Harvesting: Reaping What You Sow

Week 12: Planting for the Fall and Final Workshop

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