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****WAIT LIST STARTED--- email to get on waitlist! We sold out in less than 24hrs!

🌟 NEW Homeschool Class - COMING in February! 🌟


🌳 Come hang out with Mr. Travis! 🎓

🔖 Exclusive and limited to up to 10 students!!!


🌱 Nature's Classroom: Exploring the Wonders of Homestead and Farm Life 🐔


🌈 Join us on a thrilling 16-week journey, starting in Feb and culminating through May, where your children (aged 5-10) will immerse in the enchanting world of homesteading, nature, and sustainable living! Our program at ROOTS Youth Development intertwines outdoor learning joys with child-led learning principles.


📅 Weekly Sessions: Every Tuesday from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


What We Offer:


🐑 Animal Husbandry: Hands-on experiences with farm animals, nurturing a deep connection and understanding of our furry friends.


🌾 Regenerative Farming: Dive into sustainable agriculture secrets, from seed planting to soil health and composting.


🌲 Nature Studies: Explore the natural world, observing changes from winter to spring.


🍃 Bushcraft Skills: Learn essential wilderness skills, fostering self-reliance and a bond with nature.


🍳 Homesteading Arts: Engage in activities like cooking with farm produce, making handmade items, and sustainable living practices.


Our Unique Approach:


👧 Child-Led Learning: Each class is a new adventure, shaped by our young learners' curiosity and interests.


👐 Hands-On Experiences: Every lesson offers direct engagement with our environment, including a hands-on craft or activity.


🤝 Community and Play: Time dedicated to socializing, play, and building friendships, making learning a joyous, shared experience.


🏗️ Progressive Projects: that build off each other for a deeper understanding.


Program Details:


👶 Ages: 5-10 years old


⏰ Duration: 1.5 hours per session (1-hour lesson + 30 minutes social/playtime)


Week-by-Week Topics for Nature's Classroom (topics subject to change):


Week 1: Introduction to Homesteading 🏡

Week 2: Animal Care Basics 🐓🐄

Week 3: Preparing for Planting 🌱

Week 4: Understanding Weather and Seasons in Farming ⛅🌦️

March (Spring):


Week 5: Composting and Soil Health 🌿

Week 6: Planting and Garden Care 🌼

Week 7: Water Conservation Techniques 💧

Week 8: Basic Botany and Plant Life 🌺

April (Mid-Spring):


Week 9: Bird Watching and Identification 🐦

Week 10: Insect Life and Pollination 🐝

Week 11: Basic Bushcraft Skills & Shelter Building 🏕️

Week 12: Farm-to-Table Cooking Basics 🥕🍳

May (Late Spring):


Week 13: Renewable Energy on the Homestead 🔋

Week 14: Wildlife Habitats and Conservation 🦌

Week 15: Sustainable Living Practices & Upcycling ♻️

Week 16: Celebration of Learning & Showcase Review/Party 🎉


📣 Sign up now at to claim your spot

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